Xiamen University Graduate School

Conference of Degrees and Graduate Education Held in XMU


On the afternoon of October 12th, the Conference of Degrees and Graduate Education was held in XMU. The meeting was chaired by Tao Tao, executive dean of Graduate School. Attenders included Wu Daguang, vice president of XMU, staff from Graduate School, and Examination Office, deputy secretaries and vice deans in charge of graduate education from all colleges and institutes, and teaching secretaries for graduate students.

Tao Tao gave a comprehensive introduction to the situation of degrees and graduate education of XMU in the past half year and made further arrangements for the new semester. He pointed out that XMU maintained committed to moral education, strict management, and ideological and political education. He emphasized that: First, the pilot work of comprehensive reform on doctoral education will be carried out according to the request of Ministry of Education; Second, the program of “Three Integration and Three Breakthrough” for graduate students should be further improved to strengthen the management of graduate students in every aspect; Third, the reform over ideological and political education should be thoroughly advanced to improve the social practice of graduate students; Fourth, academic honesty as well as the training of supervisors for graduate students should be constantly strengthened; Fifth, we should enhance the management of classroom teaching and put the implementation of various regulations in place; Sixth, we should promote the education transformation of professional degree programs to enhance students’ ability of career development and inspire their entrepreneurship; Seventh, we will continue to improve the quality of subjects, finish the assessment work of Doctoral and Master’s Degree Programs, accomplish related self-assessment work and follow closely the result of the fourth round of national subject assessment, summarizing and analyzing current situation and problems facing graduate education in XMU; Eighth, we should improve the monitoring system of the quality of graduate education, strengthen the management of the graduate student status and mid-term evaluation of doctoral students. Finally, we should forge ahead to provide students with innovation and entrepreneurship, enhancing their practical and innovative ability.

Hou Libiao, directer of Examination Office, made an introduction to the examinations for graduate students according to related regulations and rules. He emphasized the importance of the safety of graduate students’ admission examination.

Wu Daguang, vice president, stressed again the the focus of graduate education for the new semester. He pointed out the graduate education should center on research and “ developing talents with virtues”, and uphold the mode of “Three Breakthrough and Three Integration”. In recent years, graduate students majoring in science and engineering have contributed over 60% papers of those of all XMUers for Science Citation Index as the first author. And the fact that XMU was chosen to be the pilot university for comprehensive reform of doctoral education was also a prof that we were doing well in the graduate education. He emphasized that we would spare no efforts to carry out the comprehensive reform of doctoral education so as to improve doctoral students’ innovative ability, deepen the reform and enhance the quality of doctoral education. Meanwhile, we would strengthen the career guidance education for professional degree programs and deepen its reform. Besides, in order to strengthen the graduate education on innovation ad entrepreneurship, we should put more emphasis on publicity, nourish and enrich campus culture with innovation and entrepreneurship, and carry out some activities to help students to put into practice the knowledge and skills, constantly improving their abilities on innovation and entrepreneurship..

With efforts in recent years, we have deepened reforms in various aspects, standardized the scientific management, and thus improved the quality of graduate education. In the first half year of 2017, XMU was selected to be one of the 14 pilot sites of national comprehensive reform of doctoral education (C9+5), which also include Peking University and Tsinghua University. Du Zhanyuan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, highly praised the reform framework of our university at the Conference for the Pilot Work of Comprehensive Reform on National Doctoral Education held at July 20th. By September this year, XMU graduate students had already published 12 papers on Science, Nature and its companion as the first author. What’s more, graduate students also gained 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal, covering all the golden medals won by XMU.