Xiamen University Graduate School

Conference and Farewell Meeting on CSC Graduate Program 2017 Held in XMU


On the afternoon of Jun 2nd, the Graduate School held the 2017 XMU Conference and Farewell Meeting on Graduate Program of China Scholarship Council (CSC) in the Reporting Hall 220 of Songen Building. The conference was chaired by Xue Chenglong, vice director of Office of Academic Affairs in Graduate School. Other attenders include Prof. Tao Tao, executive dean of Graduate School, staff of Graduate School and more than 140 students who gained the 2017 CSC scholarship.

At the conference, Prof. Tao Tao offered his congratulations to those students who would go abroad for further study. He said that XMU had always attached great importance to the internalization of graduate education. The theme of XMU 95th anniversary was “XMU is entering the world”, which reflected the attitude and determination to enhance the educational internalization. The CSC program represented an important approach for XMU to get more internalized and become a world-class university. Moreover, the Graduate School took the initiative to build various international exchange platforms, providing good conditions for students to pursue further study abroad.

Later, Prof. Tao Tao gave a general introduction to the CSC program in XMU. Since 2012, the number of enrolled XMU students in the CSC program has achieved a year-on-year increase. So far this year, 144 XMU students were sponsored by the CSC Graduate Program including 93 for international joint programs and 51 for academic degrees, hitting a record high. These students would continue their study in some world-renowned universities, disciplines and labs. Based on his own experiences, Prof. Tao Tao encouraged students to cherish the opportunity to tap their potential of scientific research, enhance research ability and broaden internationalized outlook. He also presented some requirements for students studying abroad: first, more idea-exchanges to improve plans of studying abroad; second, more consultation to work hard on scientific research; third, more communication to enhance foreign language capacity; fourth, more cooperation to make more friends; fifth, more travel to experience foreign cultures and customs.

Zhang Huaiyu from the joint program of Western Michigan University in the US shared her experience of applying for CSC Graduate Program. She said that when going abroad, one needed introspection and self-discipline to strive for her goal, to take care of herself and to win more honors for XMU.

Other three students who were going to study abroad also presented their thoughts about the program. Wang Zengge was the first student sent abroad through the cooperation contract between XMU and University of Cincinnati in the US. He showed his gratitude for the assistance offered by the Graduate School. He said that although it was difficult to apply for the program, it was totally worth doing it. “Where there is a will, there is a way. I hope that all students going aboard can work hard and successfully accomplish the study and scientific research,” he said. Li Shusheng heading for McMaster University in Canada and Xu Da for Tulane University both thanked XMU for providing excellent conditions for students. They also showed their determination to concentrate on scientific study, enhance academic ability and broaden horizon abroad.

Xue Chenglong expressed appreciation for the speeches offered by Prof. Tao Tao and the students. He hoped that students could keep ambitious academically, cherish the chance to study abroad, show self-discipline in study and overcome difficulties. And he also wished all students a successful life abroad.

The strategy of graduate education internalization is an important approach for XMU to build a top university. Since 2007, nearly 1100 XMU students have been enrolled by the CSC Graduate Program and pursued further study in world-class universities, such as Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Mcgill University. In recent years, XMU has taken a range of measures to help graduate students to study abroad and participate in international academic communication. It has also signed joint program with many world-famous universities, such as Mcgill University, University of Cincinnati, University of Delaware, University of Southampton, Cardiff University and Macquarie University.