Xiamen University Graduate School

Communication, reflection, improvement –symposium for doctoral students who returned home after studying abroad


    In order to gain a better understanding of the living and studying conditions of XMU students in foreign countries, the graduate school held a symposium on doctoral students who returned home after studying abroad. Executive dean Tao Tao, other officials and 12 doctoral students from 8 schools attended the symposium. The symposium is hosted by Tao Tao.

    Tao Tao pointed out that to educate top talents is a primary task for first-class university, and the internationalization of graduate education is just a critical part of it. For a long time, XMU is committed to cultivate graduate students’ international vision, improve their quality, increase their competitiveness. Tao Tao also made a comprehensive introduction of all the work done in sending students overseas. He said since 2007 when the China Scholarship Council launched the funding program for high-level universities, 887 students of XMU have been funded by the council to study abroad. In 2016 alone, we have 136 students obtained the funding, which marks the highest in the last few years. At the same time, the graduate school also funded 728 students to visit foreign universities and attend high-level international academic conference. Tao Tao said he hopes students share their own experience of living and studying abroad and offer their opinion on related issues in order to help improve the internationalization of graduate education.

    The symposium went on in a lively atmosphere. Tian Xiaochun, from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is quite impressed by the research efficiency of foreign graduate students. She said through active participation in research group report and communication with students and teachers, she mastered many advanced techniques and improved research ability and research level. Cai Hong, from the School of Mathematical Sciences said the innovation oriented researches in foreign university inspired her research greatly. Hu Qian, from the college of humanities said the visiting experience offered her the opportunity to understand foreign culture and widen her horizon. She improved her academic ability and her independent living skill during the visitation. She hopes the graduate school can offer students better guidance in the application process for the visiting program thus more students may have the opportunity to study and exchange in a foreign university.