Xiamen University Graduate School

News and Announcement

  • Conference and Farewell Meeting on CSC Graduate Program 2017 Held in XMU
    On the afternoon of Jun 2nd, the Graduate School held the 2017 XMU Conference and Farewell Meeting on Graduate Program of China Scholarship Council (CSC) in the Reporting Hall 220 of Songen Building. The conference was chaired by Xue Chenglong, vice director of Office of Academic Affairs in Graduate School. Other attenders include Prof. Tao Tao, executive dean of Graduate School, staff of Graduate School and more than 140 students who gained the 2017 CSC scholarship.
  • The Graduate School Organized a Mobilization Meeting and Training Session for the Social Practice of 2017’s Short Semester
    On the morning of 28th June, the Graduate School held a mobilization meeting and training session for the social practice of 2017’s short semester in the Lecture Hall of Ziqin Building. It was chaired by Xue Chenglong, vice director of Office of Academic Affairs and attended by more than 80 teachers and students, including Prof. Taotao, executive dean of Graduate School, Prof. Fang Ying, vice dean of Graduate School and director of Office of Academic Affairs, Prof. Zhu Dongliang of the Marxism school, Associate Professor Xu Lan of the Institute of Education, some teachers and representatives of the social practice teams which had won the funding. At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Tao Tao made a mobilization speech. He said that Graduate school always placed great emphasis on the social practice work. Since 2013, more than 2000 graduate students had been funded to go to different places home and abroad. He pointed out that practice is the only path to truth, an important approach to train students’ creativity and ability, and an effective way for graduate students to deepen their understanding of the society and prepare for getting involved in the society. He took famous universities, like Harvard University and Peking University as examples to encourage students to go outside the campus, get involved in the society and conduct original research. In the end, he reminded students to put safety as their first priority, to employ scientific research methods, to leave the school with a sense of commitment, to further focus on the central major issues concerning national policy and people’s well being, and to strive to achieve fruitful research result.