Xiamen University Graduate School

News and Announcement

  • The Ninth International Graduate Scholarship Fair Held Successfully in Xiamen
    On October 21st, the Ninth International Graduate Scholarship Fair was successfully held in Xiamen University. It was hosted by China Scholarship Council (CSC) and organized by the Graduate School, XMU. Attenders included staff from about 60 world-renowned universities and institutes of 13 countries, such as University of Cambridge, Emory University, McMaster University, The University of New South Wales and National University of Singapore, as well as hundreds of students who hoped to continue their study overseas. Half of the universities shown in the fair are ranked among the top 200 of QS. Long Man, director of Division of Planning & Development, CSC, and Dong Zhixue, director of Department of American and Oceanian Affairs, also attended the fair. It was the first time for International Graduate Scholarship Fair to be held in Xiamen.
  • Graduate Students from School of Life Sciences and School of Public Health Publishing a Paper on Science Translational Medicine
    On October 18th, a paper titled “A multimechanistic antibody targeting receptor-binding sites potently cross-protects against influenza B viruses” was published online by Science Translational Medicine, a companion to Nature. It is a teamwork of the research group led by Prof. Xia Ningshao with School of Life Sciences and School of Public Health. The research was supported by State Key Laboratory of Molecular Vaccinology and Molecular Diagnostics (XMU), National Institute of Diagnostics and Vaccine Development in Infectious Diseases and Joint Laboratory for Biological Medicine of Yangshengtang Group and Xiamen University. The paper was coauthored by four doctoral students, Shen Chenguang, Chen Junyu, Li Rui and Wang Guosong, and one master’s student Zhang Mengya, and corresponding authors are Associate Pro. Chen Yixin and Prof. Xia Ningshao. The research received technical supports from State Key Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases (HKU)and Sanofi Pasteur Inc., and funds from National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science and Technology Major Project for “Significant New Drugs Development”, and HK Science & Technology Cooperation Program of Ministry of Science and Technology.